Providing Spinal Healthcare and Rehabilitation Since 1985


  • Diagnostic testing such as The Myovision is used to measure your range of motion according to the American Medical Association’sGguide for the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.
  • Using dual inclinometer is the standard of care that is the only method accepted to measure range of motion of the spine.
  • The Myovision measures your range of motion using dual inclinometer and simultaneously measures the electrical muscle activity of your paraspinal muscles.
  • The Myovision results are used to document your injuries and document improvement.
  • The test is objective evidence of spinal joint dysfunction.
  • The test has been labeled the lie detector test for back pain.
  • The Myovision is a wonderful tool and provides information in the Court room to be used as objective evidence.
  • The Myovision documents your injury, your progress and your health status as it relates to spinal function and abnormal muscle activity.