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Spinal manipulation is the art and science of manipulation of vertebrae to promote joint function and reduce nerve irritation. Spinal manipulation distal core of what makes chiropractors chiropractors.

Spinal manipulation causes immediate muscle relaxation it inhibits the perception of pain and it causes stimulation of the joint position sense was in the ligaments of the joint.

Spinal manipulation causes instantaneous relief. Spinal manipulation makes it feel better immediately.

Spinal manipulation is provided in order to maintain range of motion throughout the healing process. By providing spinal manipulative therapy throughout the healing process range of motion is restored and maintained. Spinal manipulation assistance the body in providing stress in the ligaments so that collagen deposition occurs linearly providing tensile strength.

Sometimes spinal manipulative therapy cannot be performed. There are certain tools that are non-for stools to assisted stimulation of the mechanical receptors and joint capsules.

Spinal manipulation should never hurt. At the Slone chiropractic clinic if spinal manipulation doesn't feel good it is discontinued.